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Advice on funding available from the CITB

Advice on funding available from the CITB

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Sibbald Training are registered CITB training provider, and are in a strong position to provide information on the range of courses available to employers which are subsidised through the CITB standard Grant Levy draw-down.

Did you know

Levy Registered Employers can also obtain funding for training programs that are not covered under the standard grant levy draw-down, generally up to £5000 is available on an annual basis from the CITB skills and training fund for this purpose.

It is very important that you understand that

Your business may not be required to pay to become levy registered with the CITB, small business levy exemption is granted if your total wage bill (PAYE and Net CIS) is under £80,000. Complete information on becoming levy registered with the CITB can be found here.

Partnership support for special project funding bids can make all the difference.

Sound support can also be provided for Joint Funding applications made to the CITB Flexible, Structured or Commissioned Funds. Sibbald are able to help bolster your applications as providers of bespoke training and assessment programs which can be designed specifically into your bid and strengthen your chances in obtaining funding finances for your projects.

For Further Information Please Contact: Scott McGill (Business Development Manager)

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