Course Aims

This is an assessment qualification.
To attain level II S/NVQ qualification in the candidates chosen skilled trade, this award enables the candidate to apply for the CPCS Competent Operator Card (Blue Card)

Level 2 - VQ Lifting Operations (Slinger Signaller)

Who Attends

Candidates must have passed the CSCS Health & Safety Test (Within the last 24 months) and must also hold a current valid CPCS trained operative card (RED CARD) in order to begin this VQ.

Course Content

  • Establishing the weight and dimensions of loads and communicating this information to the crane operator
  • Selecting appropriate lifting tackle, attaching and detaching it correctly and safely
  • Directing the actions of a crane moving loads of various weights and dimensions, giving clear and unambiguous signals in such a manner as to ensure the safety of personnel and plant
  • Determining the serviceability of lifting tackle maintaining and storing it correctly
  • The duties and responsibilities, as required by statute, of a slinger/signaller
  • The effects of load movement on the stability of a crane
  • Potential hazards associated with crane operation how to overcome them
  • The effect of varying the angles of multi-leg slings and how to calculate their safe working loads
  • Methods of establishing weights and dimensions of loads
  • The standard code of plant equipment signals
  • Operator problems of crane control
  • Automatic safe load indicators
  • Crane safety devices


These S/NVQ qualifications request the candidate to demonstrate, in a real workplace environment, that candidates are competent against a set of performance statements. Candidates are assessed by an occupationally competent and qualified assessor whose job is to work with candidates and help them through the S/NVQ programme.

CPCS Card (Blue Competent Operators card)

This Level II S/NVQ is required to allow application for the CPCS BLUE CARD.

Live on site assessment carried out.

Fee Breakdown:
Assessment Fee: £710 (+ VAT)
Registration and certification fee’s: £80.00 (VAT exempt

Note: Additional travel charges may be applied for assessments that are conducted out with 25 miles from our Blackridge centre.


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