Course Aims

The intention of this course is to modernise driving methods. It provides an introduction to route planning applications. Every driver of a Large Goods Vehicle, who is driving for financial gain (a job!) - must, by law, train for 35 hours (that's 5 days), every 5 years. This course is designed to provide 7 hours of this training towards the 35 hours total required.


CPC CRS6669 - Route Planning and Fuel Efficiency

Who Attends

Candidates must hold a current valid Professional Driving Licence.

Course Content

Detailing the use of Satellite Navigation systems and the problems Professional Drivers face using them
Low bridge issues

Planning routes exercise using the EU and WTD regulations.
Driver’s part in fuel economy
Advice given on best techniques to obtain the most from modern vehicle technology

Teaching Methods
A high proportion of discussions, teaching and sharing best practice, group exercises and case studies will be supplemented with classroom based tutorials presentations and videos.

Assessment Methods
Delegates will be continuously assessed during the course. There is no final examination.


Course Duration

This is a 1 day course.

Maximum Candidates

Maximum attendees: 20 candidates

Qualifications Obtained

Seven (7) hours added to the candidates Professional Driver record.

Entry Requirements

Attendees must hold a Professional Driver Licence, to check your Driver CPC periodic training hours, please visit Check your Driver CPC periodic training hours - GOV.UK (

Please note that training hours can not be repeated within the 5 year period and each session booked must not be a unit already held on your licence

Additional Information

Where 5 Driver CPC modules are purchased per candidate, the 5 bundle price is £325 + VAT. Please contact us for further information.

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