Course Aims

Face Fit Course

Who Attends

All UK employees who wear respiratory protective equipment (RPE) must have a certificate to prove that the protective equipment they wear during work fits them and is effective protection for the job they are carrying out.

Course Content

At Sibbald Training, we use a unique delivery mechanism: We do not just carry out the fit test, we also include a briefing to inform the respirator user about the nature of the hazards to which they are being exposed, ensuring everyone that is tested through Sibbald Training has sufficient knowledge and understanding of the importance of the fit-test and that using the devices correctly will help to protect their long-term health and wellbeing from the adverse effects of these respiratory hazards.

Qualifications Obtained

Certificates are issued by Sibbald Limited valid for 3 years.

Entry Requirements

Candidates MUST be clean shaven, the face fit test cannot be completed if the candidate does not have a clean shaven face. This includes but isn't limited to stubble, beard or a moustache.

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