Course Aims

This course ensures that all senior managers who are tasked with the of being the 'Designated Individual' are fully prepared for the role and aware of their responsibilities.

*VIRTUAL* – Temporary Works for Designated Individuals and Directors

Who Attends

This course is aimed at senior managers and directors - all organisations involved in temporary works should appoint a ‘Designated Individual’ which should be either a senior manager or a director.

Course Content

  • Qualifications and requirements of the Designated Individual.
  • Definition of Temporary Works and the latest BS5975:2019.
  • What could be Temporary works and an outline of examples.
  • Background to Temporary Works from the Bragg report leading to the BS5975:2019 publication with latest responsibilities updates.
  • Outlining the “Three P’s”  PEOPLE, PROCESS, PRODUCTS.
  • People – Principal roles and responsibilities and human failure
  • Process – Health and Safety legislation relating to temporary works HASAWA 1974, MHSWR 1999, PPE 1992, WAHR 2005, LOLER 1998, PUWER 1998, CDM 2015. Legalities in relation to temporary works.
  • Process continued :- key documents for managing temporary works and running through good examples.
  • Categorising Temporary works
  • Process flow charts and various configurations
  • Main changes in the latest code of practice :- BS5975:2019 and out lining the duties and procedures of clients, designers, contractors and the PCTWC and TWC
  • Directors responsibilities and the ‘Designated Individual role’ while acting as the Principal contractors DI or subcontractors DI.
  • Good practice for Writing company procedures as a Designated individual and being wary of the latest updates in accordance with the the latest rules outlines in the BS5975:2019.
  • Designates individuals assessments for Temporary works coordinators and supervisors
  • Designated individuals letter of appointments for TWC and TWS’s
  • The Temporary Works Forum awareness for bulletins and publications and latest Temporary works updates.
  • Products – An outline of products used in temporary works

Qualifications Obtained

Certification for these courses are valid for 5 years. To remain certified in this area, you will need to retake the course before the expiry date.

Entry Requirements

Pre-Requisites:  The minimum entry requirement is a good understanding of spoken and written English

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