Course Aims

*VIRTUAL* – APS Accredited – The role of the Principal Designer under CDM 2015 (2 Day)

Who Attends

This course is primarily intended for design organisations currently operating in the UK construction sector who propose to fulfil the role of Principal Designer on future construction projects. This course is ideal for design practices, engineering consultants and project management organisations. Local Authority design and management departments may also find this course useful, particularly where they undertake a design role during the earlier stages of a project.

Course Content

On completion of the course delegates should:

•Be aware of the structure and range of UK health and safety law
•Understand the scope and application of CDM 2015
•Know the potential duty holders and what is expected of them
•Recognise the appropriate level of advice and assistance needed to support the client on any given project
•Evaluate what Pre-Construction Information (PCI) will be appropriately required and passed on to other relevant duty holders on any given project
•Appreciate the way in which duty holders’ interface with the principal designer
•Recognise and apply suitable management arrangements for successful pre-construction phase health and safety
•Be familiar with the principals of prevention hierarchy of control taken from the Management Regulations and know how they can be applied at all stages of a construction project
•Be familiar with appropriate design risk management techniques and how to record the significant outcomes
•Know how to evaluate others’ designs
•Promote co-operation and co-ordination between all other duty holders during the pre-construction phase
•Discern how to compile a health and safety file with the appropriate level of information for any given project
•Be capable of sourcing and applying the various supplementary official and industry advice, guidance and reference material available for principal designers


You will be marked on your performance throughout the 2 day course which will include syndicate exercises, design hazard evaluations, design risk assessments, design option, health and safety file exercises and a final exam at the end of the course.

Qualifications Obtained

Any delegate who fails the course assessment will receive a certificate of attendance.

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