Course Aims

• Understand the business benefits offered by the platform and how to create and optimise a business profile.
• How to create a brand identity, content strategy and partnering with influencers.
• Know how to plan and set up effective advertising campaigns.

e-Learning TikTok for Business

Who Attends

This course is aimed at anyone who is involved in promoting and marketing their business online.

Course Content

TikTok is one of the world’s fastest growing social networks and is available in over 150 markets with over 1 Billion users each month.

The format involves posting short-form videos – mostly for entertainment. However, it also presents significant opportunities for businesses.

This course starts with the history of TikTok, its user demographics and the three business benefits offered by the platform.

On a practical level, we’ll show you how easy it is to create your TikTok Business account and optimise your profile.

There's information on how to create engaging content for your existing and potential customers, how to get to know your target audience, develop your content strategy and partner with influencers.

TikTok ads spread awareness of your company or promote the sale of your products or services.

We’ll discuss the importance of TikTok advertising campaign strategies, whether it’s a one-off offer, an advertisement group or a collection of advertisement groups.

Finally, we’ll show you how to use TikTok’s analytics tools to monitor the success of your advertising and use your insights to generate increasingly effective campaigns in the future.

Course Duration

This course should take estimated 19 minutes to complete. (This is based off the amount of video content shown and is rounded off. It does not account in any way for loading time or thinking time on the questions).

Entry Requirements

Recommended System Requirements
• Browser: Up to date web browser
• Video: Up to date video drivers
• Memory: 1Gb+ RAM
• Download Speed: Broadband (3Mb+)

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