Course Aims

  • This course is designed for those who intend to access rooftops, or similar structures using preinstalled fall arrest systems and use work restraint techniques to carry out work at height.
  • On completion of the course they should be able to carry out pre-use checks and use pre-installed access systems. They will also be able to set-up work restraint systems for fall prevention using a variety of different techniques and equipment.
  • During training delegates will be expected to carry out activities at height. This will provide an insight into the delegates’ ability to operate in such conditions. This is only an indication of their capability, as it is not possible to recreate exact working environments.
  • The actual height and exposure will be set out on the certification, but this is only to show what was included in the training. The height shown on the certification is not intended to limit the height at which the delegate can operate.

Competent Person Practical Inspection & Record Keeping - Harnesses & Lanyards

Who Attends

A course that gives greater detail on the inspection of height safety equipment.

The course is intended for those who are required to carry out and record detailed inspection "thorough examination" of harnesses and lanyards as a nominated competent person.

Course Content

  • Summary of Legislation to Work at Height and the Detailed Inspection “Thorough Examination” of Personal Fall Protective Equipment (PFPE) 
  • Equipment Standards – CE (UKCA) Marking and Equipment Traceability 
  • Overview of the categories of work using PFPE – Work Restraint, Work Position and Fall Arrest 
  • Characteristics of PFPE (lanyards, dynamic self-retracting lanyards, retractable type fall arresters, anchorage slings, connectors and harnesses) 
  • Identification of defects & typical damage that occurs to PFPE  
  • Overview of PFPE manufacturing, design and development process  
  • Equipment traceability and mandatory documentation – Declaration/Certificate of Conformity 
  • Determining if an item of PFPE is fit for purpose & criteria for removing an item from service (quarantine procedure, preventing further damage) 
  • Information required to be completed on a detailed inspection “thorough examination” report  
  • Inspect/thoroughly examine harnesses, lanyards and associated PFPE for signs of degradation and fatal flaws. 
  • Be able to record the findings of their detailed inspections/thorough examinations 
Equipment Covered During the Course 
  • Full body harness 
  • Work position harness 
  • Work position lanyard 
  • Adjustable work restraint lanyard 
  • Adjustable fall arrest lanyard 
  • Double legged fall arrest lanyard 
  • Retractable type fall arrester 
  • Dynamic self-retracting lanyard 
  • Anchorage sling – flat woven   
  • Anchorage sling – round sling construction   

Qualifications Obtained

Delegates successfully completing the course will receive a digital certificate of attendance valid for 3 years issued by Spanset. Paper certificate and photo ID card are available for an additional charge.

Entry Requirements

  • It is beneficial, but not a requirement for delegates attending the course to have had previous experience using personal fall protective equipment (Harnesses & Lanyards).
  • Delegates must be 18 years and over.

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