Course Aims

This Moving and Handling People eLearning course is aimed at people working in health and social
care who have people in their care that have mobility issues. The course outlines the dangers and
legislation that applies to moving and handling people as well as showing a range of techniques and
equipment that can be used. The course also highlights the importance of proper risk assessments
and care plans.

e-Learning Moving & Handling People

Who Attends

People working in Health and Social care roles including health care and residential or nursing

Course Content

- The Principles of Safer Patient Handling 
- Moving and Handling Assessments 
- Practical Skills 
- Transferring and Walking
- Avoiding and Dealing with Patient Falls
- Fitting and Using A Flat or Tubular Slide Sheet 
- Bed Mobility 
- Other Patient Manoeuvres 
- Sitting a Patient Up 
- Hoisting 
- Checking the Hoist 
- More Hoisting Practicalities
- More Hoisting Techniques


By the end of this course, you will be able to:
• Understand the principles of good and safe patient handling.
• Create and identify risk assessments.
• Understand the skills required for each manoeuvring situation and how they are successfully
• Recognise the equipment that can be used.

Additional Information

There are a lot of courses in our health and social care suite that would make great follow ups to this
course and if you are in the adult social care sector then they would all provide valuable additions to
your knowledge.
Specific topics that compliment this directly are Stroke Awareness and Dementia Awareness

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