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Our mission is to operate the best specialty service business in the UK, irrespective of the service we provide. As we deliver training and assessment services then our aspirations are to be the most prolific, important and distinctive company in this field.


We are determined to be the very best in our profession, irrespective of the size, pedigree, inclinations or intentions of our competitors. We will continue to bring too our industry hints of flair, tactic and strategy which are consistent with our progressive objectives.

Above all, we expect to be a credit to the groups we serve being a crucially valuable resource extremely beneficial to our customers, and a place where our committed employees can grow and   prosper.

To that end we embrace the idea that the Company is at the service of both our customers and employees.



Customer Commitment

Customers are key – they should be the focus of everything we do. All our work should be carried out with them in mind, whether they are internal or external customers. Customer satisfaction is the top priority of every employee and the purpose of every job. Cost-effective, ongoing achievement of customer satisfaction is the foundation of our business strategy.

Corporate Citizenship

We take responsibility for the social and economic environment in which we operate, we strive to help local communities as ambassadors and benefactors through the provision of secure employment, sponsorship and charitable deeds.


Integrity means being honest, being fair, standing up for what you believe, doing what you say you will do, while acting in the best interests of the organisation.

Long-term Perspective

A long-term perspective is important to our success. As a daily priority, we will make strategic decisions to invest long term while managing short-term needs.


Employee Satisfaction

Our people are our future. We must strive to achieve concentrated employee involvement by respecting our individual differences, helping employees to fully realise their talents, to be their best, while satisfying employee needs wherever possible.

Corporate Wealth

We have accepted a responsibility to be effective stewards of all our company resources. Through our performance, everyone is responsible for profitable growth and will be properly rewarded for their investment.

Mutual Respect

Mutual respect is the recognition of the equal worth of each individual, with full acceptance of our diverse backgrounds, interests and strengths. Actions we take on behalf of Sibbald Ltd must maintain the dignity of the individual. Likewise, every employee has the responsibility to demonstrate care while contributing to the protection of our assets, including our corporate image and financial returns.

Organisational Excellence

Excellence is the performance of every task in a superior manner. We take pride in doing this through accepting ownership, exceeding customer expectations and striving for continuous business improvement in all we do – including our thinking, our daily work, most importantly each and every service provision.

David Sibbald

Managing Director

Statement of intent – extract from IMS-PCY-005

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
OHSAS 18001

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