04 April 2022

Workplace Fire Drills

Workplace Fire Drills

As I write this, unfortunately, there seems to be a resurgence of COVID. However, there is currently a different philosophy in how we should manage this health hazard, one which is to encourage a return to normal life with minimal restrictions. This has allowed many people to return to the workplace, which has certainly been the situation at the Sibbald centre for many months.

Due to the increasing levels of training activity at the centre, it was agreed that a fire drill must be carried out to test the effectiveness of the existing emergency procedures and the response of the designated fire wardens. The drill was carried out during inclement weather conditions which increased the reluctance of staff and trainees to being evacuated.

Even though this was the first fire drill in six months, it went better than expected and confirmed the efficiency of our procedures. As with any event like this, areas for improvement have been identified and will be covered during a planned program of employee training.

All the training needed will be carried out by competent Sibbald employees, the topics to be covered are.

  • Effectively Managing Human Behaviours in an Emergency Event
  • The Role of the Emergency Coordinator
  • First Aid Refresher
  • Fire Awareness Refresher
  • Fire Warden Refresher

Sibbald Training remain at the forefront of developing learning opportunities for all business sectors, and we understand that can only be achieved in “Leading by Example”. It is vital that we are committed to ensuring the health, safety and well-being of all persons at our facilities and demonstrating, by our organisational actions, the importance of employee development.

Why not let Sibbald Training assist in the development of your employees? Especially as your workplace may now be experiencing an increase of returning employees, potentially increasing the risk of an emergency event. Hopefully, this will not occur, but if it does it is vital that the recognised emergency responders remember their duties. Training is one way of achieving an effective level of emergency preparedness.

Why not contact Sibbald Training, we run regular Fire Safety Awareness, Fire Warden, First Aid and Evac-Chair courses, delivered by our qualified instructors who can also develop bespoke sessions to specifically meet your organisational needs.

Alan Brown

HSE Development Manager, Sibbald Training.


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