10 December 2020

Why Do Training?

Why Do Training?

Is training a waste of time and money? YES, it can be!

A strange answer you might think, especially from a nationally respected training provider. This is a genuine answer, if those who are attending training return to a workplace that has a poor safety culture, then training is definitely a waste of time and money.

So why do employers arrange training?

1) It can be to get employees on site? Or,

2) To tick a few boxes, suggesting training and safety are important? Or,

3) As part of a safety improvement strategy? Or,

4) Perhaps as personal development of staff?

Hopefully, it includes at least one of 3 or 4. However, realistically it will always include 1 and hopefully never 2, but unfortunately this can often be the situation.

Training is a significant cost to employers, including lost production, so it is important to maximise the benefits that training can give. Not only do Sibbald Training deliver a high quality of service, we make every attempt to support the process of workplace continuous safety and welfare improvements. The sessions are carried out in a proactive manner, encouraging all attendees to contribute by openly challenging and questioning the instructors. This concept is developed throughout the duration of the courses so those attending get access to first class learning, whilst additionally getting an understanding of how to contribute positively to the workplace safety culture by challenging poor attitudes and behaviours.

Therefore, training at Sibbald is definitely NOT a waste of time and money as we are promoting;

Sustainable change can only happen when training is used to SUPPORT positive improvements to workplace behaviours, cultures and environments.