CSCS Testing

Sibbald is an approved CSCS testing center and delivers a full suite of Health, Safety & Environmental tests.

Tests are relevant to every job role from General Operatives to Management and Director level personnel. To apply for a CSCS card you must have the appropriate construction related qualifications and training and, in most cases, you must pass the relevant Health, Safety & Environmental tests within the previous two years.  The type of test you need to pass will depend on the job you do and the type of card you are applying for.

Aim of the test

To examine knowledge across a wide range of topics to improve safety and productivity on site. Tests are taken as a PC-based touch screen test. Other than limited exemptions, everyone applying for a CSCS card must pass the appropriate health, safety and environment test.

Use the CSCS cardfinder to find out more.

Call or email to book your Health, Safety & Environmental test.

Call: 01501 750900

If you have passed the Health, Safety & Environmental Test and you are seeking help to obtain a Blue Skilled Workers Card click here. 

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