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Sibbald Training work in partnership with the Department of Work & Pensions, this partnership allows Sibbald to offer training opportunities through a range of funding streams and employability programmes. DWP funding may be obtained and used to marry employers with individuals seeking employment and vice versa introducing those individuals seeking employment with the employers that require the skilled workforce.

If you are an employer finding it difficult to recruit the skilled workforce you require it may be possible for Sibbald to arrange for funding through our DWP partnership to up-skill & qualify individuals seeking employment to meet your needs. Likewise if you are an individual with an employment opportunity but skills shortage barriers are halting your progression to gain that employment opportunity, our funding team at Sibbald may very well be in a position to help you gain the skills and qualifications you need to secure the employed position you seek.

Contact details are at the bottom of this page.

Sibbald Training is a preferred supplier to the MOD Career Transition Partnership. If you are leaving the services and are looking for information on resettlement training designed specifically with service leavers in mind, contact Sibbald training for further information to give you the best chance of success in the civilian job market.

Sibbald Training offer fully funded modern apprenticeships Level II VQ (Plant Operations / General Construction Operations & Level III (Crane Supervisor / Lifting Operations Supervisor). For more detailed information on our MA Programs visit here.

Sibbald Training are registered CITB approved training organisation (ATO), and are in a strong position to provide information on the range of courses available to employers which are subsidised through the CITB standard Grant Levy draw-down. Levy Registered Employers can also obtain funding for training programs that are not covered under the standard grant levy draw-down, generally up to £5000 is available on an annual basis from the CITB skills and training fund for this purpose. Your business may not be required to pay to become levy registered with the CITB, small business levy exemption is granted if your total wage bill (PAYE and Net CIS) is under £80,000, more information on becoming levy registered with the CITB can be found here.

Sound support can also be provided for Joint Funding applications made to the CITB Flexible, Structured or Commissioned Funds, Sibbald are able to help bolster your applications as providers of bespoke training and assessment programs which can be ingrained into and strengthen your bid to obtain finance for your projects.

Sibbald Training products are supported by the Prince’s Trust Development Awards and up to £500 can be made available towards your training. The funding is directed at anyone aged 16-30 whom are currently unemployed, not in further education or working 16 hours per week or less.

Skills Development Scotland (SDS) Individual Training Accounts (ITAs) are for people who are 16 or over, living in Scotland and either in low paid work or actively seeking work. You must have an income of £22,000 a year or less, or be on certain benefits to be eligible to get up to £200 towards the costs of learning or training.
You can apply for an ITA if you are not undertaking any secondary, further or higher education, SDS funded training or participating on the Community Jobs Scotland programme.
ITAs are available if you are interested in learning something new or developing an existing skill to support you in work. There is a wide range of courses to choose from and you can study with any ITA approved learning provider, including learning centres, local colleges, universities and private training providers.

Sibbald Training are an ITA approved learning provider and you can search our search our ITA funded courses here

For Further Information Please Contact: Amy Waddell (Funding Administrator)

Tel: 01501 750900


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