Course Aims

To provide thorough theory and practical training in NPORS Plant Loader/Securer.

NPORS N120 Plant Loader/Securer

Who Attends

This course is for candidates who load and unload plant and require a qualification to do so onsite.

Course Content

  • Operating the plant machinery to load and unload onto vehicles
  • Securing the load safely using the correct equipment for the specific load
  • Preparing the vehicle to be driven on public highways, in accordance with the requirements of the UK Road Traffic Act
  • Use of various loading devices relevant to the plant being loaded and secured (i.e. use of a winch)
  • Gain a working knowledge of the manufacturer's handbook for the plant being used
  • The importance of carrying out pre-operational checks for plant and vehicle
  • Ensuring loading/unloading area is safe, including the dangers of proximity hazards in the work area
  • Ensuring the vehicle is correctly configured in readiness for loading/unloading
  • Communications methods with other personnel 
  • Shut down procedures

Practical training & assessment is conducted using a road roller, tracked plant and wheeled plant.


Teaching Methods
The training is carried out in both a classroom and a simulated work environment to allow candidates to learn both theory and practical elements of the job role.

Qualifications Obtained

Candidates will gain either a 5 year NPORS Traditional Operator card or a 2 year NPORS CSCS Trained Operator card.

Candidates must have passed the CSCS Health and Safety test (within the last 24 months) to gain the NPORS CSCS card

Additional Information

This course can be carried out on customer premises in accordance with their specific requirements. For more information please contact 01501 750900

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