Course Aims

The Internet has changed our lives both personally and commercially. The boundaries between
personal and business communication are now much less defined. Three quarters of us in the
developed world use the internet and Social media has become a serious business marketing
technique with over 90% of businesses with an in‐house marketing department using social media
for marketing and committing up to 20% of marketers time in that direction. So far as your social
media audience in concerned, 43% of people aged 20‐29 spend more than 10 hours a week on social
media sites.

The starting point in any social media activity for business is your website or microsite and your
social media activities will invariably be referencing this site so the first measurement of success in
your social media activity will be the traffic you’re generating for your site through social media

This course is designed to assist people in business to understand how social media techniques can
be used as an effective business marketing tool. The object is to provide sufficient information to
enable you to develop a social media strategy for a business and implement that strategy personally
or through the informed engagement of third party specialists.

e-Learning Social Media for Business

Course Content

Introduction 7
What is Social Media?
Introduction to POST Methodology
Websites and Microsites
Bringing it all Together
Is Social Media Worth It?

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