Course Aims

This online course aims to increase your awareness of major environmental issues and provide an
introduction to environmental management systems.

It will start by defining important terms and identifying the key environmental issues the world is

You’ll learn about environmental impacts, and the course will look at the issue of global climate
change, including greenhouse gases, carbon, acid rain and loss of biodiversity.

There’s also information on the main environmental laws, and we’ll cover Environmental
Management systems and their business benefits.

Other topics include product life-cycles, corporate and personal social responsibility, renewable and
non-renewable energy and the three pillars of sustainability.

The course will also discuss how waste can be managed and reduced by consumer decisions and
Waste to Energy schemes.

You’ll be taken through the waste management hierarchy, which describes prioritised actions
commercial waste producers can take to manage waste.

Finally, we’ll cover water resource management and oil storage. You’ll learn how to plan for
emergency hazardous substance spillages and the correct way to complete a spillage report.

e-Learning Environmental Awareness

Who Attends

This course is an awareness course that could be appropriate for anyone in the workplace who
wants to know more about how to help reduce their businesses environmental impact.

Course Content

• Introduction
• Climate Change
• Environmental Laws & Legislation
• Environmental Management
• Life-cycle and recycling
Waste Management
Water Resource Management and Controls

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