Course Aims

A duty of care is the requirement that all health and social care professionals, and organisations
providing health and care services, must put the interests of service users first.

Working in the health and social care sector involves working with lots of different people with a
variety of needs, dependencies, backgrounds and wishes. As a care worker, you have a duty of care
towards all the people you are involved with, during your working hours. This means you have to
employ a reasonable level of care, to ensure they are kept safe from harm, abuse and injury.

This course will give you an introduction to the concept of duty of care, cover how duty of care
affects your work, what to do if you come across a duty of care dilemma and where to go for support
or advice along with some practical examples of duty of care situations.

e-Learning Duty of Care Training

Course Content

The Implications of Duty of Care
How Duty of Care Affects Your Work 
Duty of Care Dilemmas 
Resolving Dilemmas: Support and Advice 
How to Respond to Complaints

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