Course Aims

This course explores the risk to workers caused by the Covid-19 virus and covers actions that can be
taken by employers and employees to protect themselves and each other as they return to work.
The content of this course is based on the latest information from the UK government and the NHS.

It covers information about the virus, risk assessments and personal safety, along with how to make
changes to the daily work environment to address these risks.

Aimed at employers and employees the course is intended to help plan and implement changes to
the workplace and ease the transition back to the workplace for those returning to a central work
location after long periods of remote working.

e-Learning Covid-19 Safe Workplaces

Who Attends

This course is aimed at anyone responsible for risk assessment and health and safety in the
workplace. The course can also be useful to those returning to work after working from home, or
starting work during and following the pandemic

Course Content

The Covid-19 Virus 

Covid-19 Risk Assessment and Personal Safety

Covid-19 In the Daily Work Environment

Additional Information

Other health and safety courses that could be useful for those returning to the office or working
from home include Display Screen Equipment, Workplace Health and Safety and Basic Fire Safety.

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