Course Aims

This short course provides you with an introduction to the Provision and Use of Work Equipment
Regulations, otherwise known as PUWER.

The course starts by explaining the purpose of PUWER, and then turns to look at the types of
equipment that fall under this legislation. This is followed by an explanation as to the responsibilities
both employers and employees have under the regulations.

Next, the course explores the common hazards associated with the use of work equipment; before
moving on to look at different methods of guarding available to keep you safe from injury.

Finally, the course explores the requirements with respect to equipment inspection and
maintenance under the regulations.

e-Learning Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER)

Who Attends

This course is aimed at anyone in the workplace that uses machinery. This could include site
supervisors or managers.

Course Content

What is PUWER
Exmaples of Equipment listed under PUWER
What are the responsibilites of the employer/emplyee under PUWER
Common Hazards of using work equipment
Different methods of guarding
Inspection of equipment

Course Duration

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

• Understand what PUWER is.
• Learn about the Equipment Listed Under PUWER.
• Have an understanding on the Responsibilities of the Employer/Employee Under PUWER.
• Learn about the Common Hazards of Using Work Equipment.
• Learn about the Different Methods of Guarding
• Inspection of Equipment

Additional Information

For those needing further safety in construction training, courses such as Working safely, CDM
Awareness and PPE should be completed alongside this one.

For Supervisors that want to continue to enhance their skills, courses such as Introduction to Risk
Assessment or Leadership Skills would make great next steps.

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