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NPORS Training NPORS Sample Card

NPORS (National Plant Operators Registration Scheme) was formed in 1992, accrediting over 1000 Instructors and Training Providers who operate on National and International projects.   

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recognise NPORS as a competent organisation to accredit, monitor and train Instructors/Training Providers to deliver Operator training and testing. Recognition by the HSE is intended to help set and maintain professional training standards, helping employers select the training organisations who offer a good standard of training.

As an accredited NPORS Centre we believe our clients should satisfy themselves that the training and testing of their employees, is provided by Instructors who have appropriate skills and training in the required instructural techniques, all of our Instructors have many years experience both as operators and instructors which enables us to ensure your employees receive the highest quality of training for the equipment they are required to use.

NPORS Training and Testing can either be competed at our Training Centre in West Lothian, or on your own site (providing your site meets the requirement and the appropriate plant is available).

At Sibbald we can offer full Foundation Training Courses with NPORS assessments at the end for novice candidates, with no previous experience.

If the course you require is not here please contact us by telephone: 01501 750900 or email.

Experienced Operators

On the other hand if you are an experienced operator but don't hold any NPORS certification for the machine there is the NPORS Experienced Workers Assessment, which includes both Theory & Practical elements. Please contact us on 01501 750900 for more info on NPORS Experienced Workers Assessments.

Successful candidates will be issued with an NPORS card, which is valid for 5 years.

NPORS Operator Card Renewals

An operator can renew his NPORS card in one of two ways:

  • An employer signs a renewal notification form. This signature is to verify that the operator has maintained a good standard on the category and has been accident free during their employment


  • Refresher training has been completed for each group of categories.

Operators have a 6 month grace period from the expiry date of their old card to renew it.  

NPORS Agricultural Tractor training
This course is designed to train you to operate a tractor where you will be able to gain a CSR Card
Contact us on 01501 750900 for more details
Dump Truck Training
Contact us on 01501 750900 for more details
Ride on Road Roller Training
Contact us on 01501 750900 for more details
 Skip Handler Training
Contact us on 01501 750900 for more details
 Slinger Signaller Training
Contact us on 01501 750900 for more details
Tractor Dozer Training
Contact us on 01501 750900 for more details
Abrasive Wheels Training
The aim of this course is to train operators in the safe mounting and selection of Abrasive Wheels and Cutting Discs.
Contact us on 01501 750900 for more details