SVQ Highway Maintenance Level 2

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The Aim of the SVQ Highway Maintenance Level 2 Qualification is to:

Provide the candidates with a formal national qualification which provides evidence of competence in one or more of the group awards listed below.

The Qualification Units Are:

Mandatory Units

  • Conform to General Workplace Safety
  • Conform to Efficient Work Practices

Plus 1 of the Following Optional Core Units

  • Establish Work Area Protection and Safety
  • Segregate the Work Area for Highway Works

Optional Routes

  • Modular Pavement Construction Route - Group A - 3 Units Required
  • Laying Kerbs and Channels Route - Group B - 2 Units Required
  • Drainage Construction - Group C - 3 Units Required
  • Excavation Operations - Group D - 3 Units Required
  • Flexible Pavement Route - Group E - 3 Units Required
  • Shallow Drainage Construction - Group F - 2 Units Required
  • Concrete Operations Route - Group G - 2 Units Required


There is no set time for the assessment process to take, candidates can work towards gaining the award at their own pace.

 Who Do We Recommend Gains The Qualification?

All operatives who can meet the criteria in any of the above groups.


The main source of evidence is work based and confirms that the candidate's practical skills meet the appropriate performance criteria and range statements.

The following are types of evidence that may be used to quantify a candidates competence:

  • Work sheets and time sheets
  • Work log books
  • Photographs / videos
  • Witness testimony from management that is verified by a work based recorder or assessor
  • Oral questioning by the assessor
  • Written question papers produced by the assessor to quantify knowledge evidence
  • Course certificates from previously attended related courses


SVQ  - Highway Maintenance Level 2

Eligible companies are able to claim grants for these assessment, which will pay for a substantial amount of the costs, as the assessment process  is CITB approved for grant purposes.