Sibbald Goes Green



The environment and the effect we have on it has never been more prominent in people’s minds, wherever in the world you may be.
As an industry leading training provider, established for nearly 30 years, Sibbald Training believe we have an obligation, as all businesses do, to think about our carbon footprint and the effect it has on our surroundings.
Sibbald Training was sure there was a way to reduce our carbon emissions and convert our company into an eco-friendly one, while enjoying the cost savings such an investment might offer.
Over the last ten years an investment of £469’000 has been made to achieve that goal.
Since 2003 Sibbald have converted 15 of our vehicle fleet to LPG fuel systems. Costing almost half the price of petrol, the Liquefied Petroleum Gas conversion has paid for itself and offered a huge return on investment since implication. With CO2 emissions 10% lower than petrol and NOx (smog making chemical) 80% lower than diesel, joining the 30 million LPG vehicles worldwide is a real point of pride for Sibbald Training.
A £22k investment was also made in 2012 to add solar panels to Sibbald Training properties and in 2013 £45k was spent on Geo Thermal/Ground Source heat pumps.
2014 saw the introduction of a fully electric BMW car and the installation of an on-site charging point, which is available for public use, at a cost of £30k to Sibbald Training.
Phase one of our conversion to energy efficient LED lighting in our offices began in 2014 too with initial costs in excess of £2k.
This year, 2015, will see perhaps our most ambitious energy saving investment. Our 100kw, £370k Wind turbine looks set to be functional by summertime this year.
With savings well in excess of £80k per annum our initial costs will be offset very quickly, allowing Sibbald Training to enjoy the benefits of becoming Energyefficient far into the foreseeable future.
A wise and fruitful investment, both for the world and community at large and for our long standing and progressive company.